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Decadent desserts available for all occasions!

Welcome to Moni's Sweets. Our founder, Moni Spivey, has been setting the standard in style and creativity since she began baking in her mother's kitchen back in 1999. Today, Moni's Sweets serves all areas of Broward and Miami-Dade counties including the Florida Keys. With nothing short of the highest recommendations from all of her customers, Moni's Sweets, has expanded to include an extensive dessert catering menu that delights the palate with the same high standards of flavor and freshness that Moni's Sweets has become known for.

Always inspired by our customers, we pride ourselves on creating delicious and decadent desserts that are beautifully designed to please any imagination. Moni personally works on all orders and customizes every dessert to exceed all expectations of creativity and style. No matter the event or theme, Moni's Sweets can help bring smiles to all of your guests one dessert at a time...

Some of the following are just a few of the delicious treats available to you...

Chocolate Cups

Chocolate Filled Berry Cups

Chocolate cups: A semi-sweet, chocolate bowl filled with a seasonal berry sauce compote and topped with fresh berries. An impressive dessert to share with the ones you love. Also available in white chocolate and vegan option


Custom Cakes

Custom cupcakes for all occasions with a variety of fillings and flavors



Flan: Smooth, thick custard covered with caramel



A light, airy Cuban inspired meringue icing cookies which will melt in your mouth

About the Chef

More than 15 years ago, Moni Spivey started baking in her mother's kitchen.  Delighting family and friends with her desserts even as a child when she baked for family get-togethers, Moni also provided custom cupcake and dessert orders even then.

When asked what inspires you? Moni answers, "the smiles on the faces of those that taste a truly delicious dessert. You can't fake a genuine smile that comes with happiness and I like making people happy one dessert at a time."

Pastry Chefs, Miami, FL


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